(wrong string) édon is wrong, and so is Zinath Rehana

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List readers will have seen the positive comments on Stevan's
moderation of the list


I am worried, however, about whether negative comments are being
censored.  Mine was





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I would say the same thing as Alma Swan and Barbara Kirsop, but being
a native speakers of English, they have said it far more effectively
than I could.

Stevan, you are doing a great job. Do not get distracted from your
path because of a few detractors. Your postings are very educative
and we in the developing world are greatly indebted to you for your
tireless efforts to democratise knowledge and open up the flow of

[Subbiah Arunachalam]


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Subject: Re: Jean-Claude Guédon is wrong, and so is Zinath Rehana

Surely all readers of this List will be grateful to the moderator for
sparing us this objectionable posting and I subscribe absolutely to
the sentiments so well expressed by Alma Swan. The role of a
Moderator is no easy path to follow and surely leads to turbulence
within this highly vocal and dedicated community, each with their
different backgrounds and own professional agendas. But as a person
working in  'development', I for one am grateful to Stevan for his
frequent reiteration of the basic points, as I am sure are newcomers
to the List. As a prime mover in the evolutionary process towards
free access to essential research, his tireless efforts are well
appreciated by the information-starved world.

Barbara Kirsop

Electronic Publishing Trust for Development

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