correction Re: Off-Line Vote on Moderator Change

From: Heather Morrison <heatherm_at_ELN.BC.CA>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 12:38:53 -0700

Stevan - you have my full support as moderator. I greatly
appreciate your work as an OA advocate, and your moderation of this
list. Please count me in as AGAINST STEPPING DOWN.

I am also against an off-line vote; those who do not wish to
participate, should leave the list.

Apologies if an earlier message of mine gave the wrong impression.

Any opinion expressed in this e-mail is that of the author alone, and
does not represent the opinion or policy of BC Electronic Library
Network or Simon Fraser University Library.

Heather Morrison, MLIS
The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics

On 7-Oct-08, at 10:59 AM, Stevan Harnad wrote:

> On 7-Oct-08, at 11:09 AM, Sally Morris (Morris Associates)
> wrote:
> > As you are aware, my vote is for a change of moderator
> > I am happy to tally the votes if you like
> Thank you, Sally.
> Those who wish to vote for or against my stepping down as AmSci
> Moderator, please send your votes to Sally Morris:
> Those who have already voted online need not vote again. The public
> tally is the following. I list the names, because these were public
> votes, but in the offline vote to Sally, you may vote anonymously, but
> only if you are on the AmSci List, which i will send to Sally. (Votes
> in parens () are ambiguous, because it is not clear whether they were
> voting for/against my stepping down or for/against other points that
> were raised.)
> FOR STEPPING DOWN 3 + (6?): Jean-Claude Guedon, Sally Morris, Charles
> Oppenheim, (Zinath Rehana), (Chris Zienlinski), (Andy Powell),
> (Bernard Lang), (Heather Morrison), (Nick Evans)
> AGAINST STEPPING DOWN 13 + (2?): Alma Swan, Tony Hey, Andrew Adams,
> Mike Kurtz, Barbara Kirsop, Tom Cochrane, Connie McEowen, Eloy
> Rodrigues, Helene Bosc, Michael Eisen, Ana Alice Batista, Peter Suber,
> Derek Law, (Bill Hooker), (Constantinescu Nicolaie)
> plus two further offline votes AGAINST STEPPING DOWN (which I will
> send to Sally separately).
> Others who wish to vote, please email your vote to Sally directly.
> Stevan Harnad
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