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Dear Stevan,Peter,Alma

Following a short confirming process, the following text has been
developed after the Brisbane conference on Open Access and Research in

I wonder if it could be posted to lists as you deem appropriate?


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Following the conference on Open Access and Research held in September
in Australia, and hosted by Queensland University of Technology, the
following statement was developed and has the endorsement of over
sixty participants.

Brisbane Declaration

The participants recognise Open Access as a strategic enabling
activity, on which research and inquiry will rely at international,
national, university, group and individual levels.

Therefore the participants resolve the following as a summary of the
basic strategies that Australia must adopt:
1 Every citizen should have free open access to publicly funded
research, data and knowledge.
2 Every Australian university should have access to a digital
repository to store its research outputs for this purpose.
3 As a minimum, this repository should contain all materials
reported in the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC).
4 The deposit of materials should take place as soon as
possible, and in the case of published research articles should be of
the author's final draft at the time of acceptance so as to maximize
open access to the material.

Brisbane, September, 2008

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