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In view of the ongoing discussion on research impact, I thought this
recent issue paper is timely.


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Subject: [EQ] Measuring the Impact of Research: What do we know?
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Measuring the Impact of Research: What do we know? (Part I)

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, Insight-Action Issue 46
(October 16, 2008)

Available online as PDF file at:

Organizations that fund research are under intense pressure to show that
the research they support brings value to their communities.i In fact,
in Canada, demonstrating the impact of research is a requirement of the
federal government's science and technology strategy. Due mainly to the
applied nature of their research, health services and policy researchers
in particular face high expectations to describe the benefits of their


* A common reason for measuring the impact of research is to demonstrate
accountability, but results of measuring can also be used to guide
improvements in research and programming.

* Health research impacts generally include: knowledge production;
research capacity-building; informed decision-making; health and health
sector benefits; and economic benefits.

* Among some of the widely used methods for measuring the benefits from
research are bibliometric analysis, economic rate of return, peer
review, case studies, logic modelling, and benchmarking. Taking a
multi-indicator, multi-method approach is advised.

Related online Papers:

RAND Europe. 2006. "Measuring the benefits from research." Policy

Government of Canada. 2007. Mobilizing science and technology to
Canada's advantage.

Hovland, I. 2007. "Making a difference: M&E of policy research." Working
Paper 281 Results of ODI research presented in preliminary form for
discussion and critical comment.

Davies, H., Nutley, S., & Walter, I. 2005. "Assessing the impact of
social science research: conceptual, methodological and practical
issues." Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU), University of
St. Andrews.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research. 2005. "Developing a CIHR
Framework to Measure the Impact of Health Research - Synthesis Report of

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