Re: Perform repository deposits from within Facebook using SWORD

From: Peter Cliff <lispdc_at_UKOLN.AC.UK>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 15:27:32 +0000

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Leslie Carr wrote:
> Personally, I don't use facebook, but Stuart has made me think about what
> I environments I do use and where I spend all my time. To be honest, the
> answer is "email". If I had a repository deposit that worked by email then
> that would be very natural for me. I could email my documents as an
> attachment to "", and the repository would mail
> back an email form for me to fill out with the metadata.


I registered the domain and setup an email address for exactly that purpose while at RepoCamp in July.
Haven't gotten around to doing ought else with it yet, but maybe one day...

In my (vapourware) version, you didn't enter a dialogue, but could include
optional metadata in the body of the email or as a second attachment. Behind
the scenes the system talks to all manner of lovely Web services that do
subject classification, identify entities - like people - and fill in what
they can too and you'd then get a confirmation saying "Deposit with this
metadata" complete and if you were unhappy you'd have to visit the system to
fix any problems.

Version 2.0 would be neater in that it wouldn't store anything at all. It'd
just recognise your email address - or even just the domain - and match it
to one or more SWORD endpoints and deposit in your IR on your behalf.

Isn't there a JISC call out soon? ;-)

Pete Cliff
Research Officer, UKOLN
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