Re: Green Angels and OA Extremists

From: Michael Eisen <mbeisen_at_GMAIL.COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 07:47:22 -0800

Les Carr wrote:

> HAVING SAID THAT, the library is in no way adverse to finding
> mechanisms that assist individuals and ease their tasks, and I guess
> that Elsevier can have no objections to that either! How about a
> notification email to be sent to authors of "In Press" papers that
> contains a "Deposit this paper" button that initiates the user's
> deposit workflow on the ScienceDirect Submitted Manuscript PDF.

You guys are such suckers. OF COURSE Elsevier can have objections to
libraries assisting individuals in self-archiving their work, because
Elsevier does not want self archiving to succeed! What do they have to
do to actually prove this to you? Stevan, Les and others seem to think
that Karen Hunter's recent email was some kind of bureaucratic error,
rather than realize it for what it clearly is - a direct statement
from Elsevier that they do not want self-archiving to actually take
off. It's a ploy (an apparently successful ploy) on their part to
diffuse moves towards effective universal open access by a) making
them seem like good guys and b) fostering the illusion that we can
have universal green OA without altering the economics of publishing.

And Stevan, rather than the typical retort about how green OA can be
achieved now, with a few keystrokes, can you please instead explain
how the policy statement from your friends at Elsevier does not
indicate that they are really opposed to real OA.
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