Re: Elsevier Again Confirms Its Position on the Side of the Green OA Angels

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A question /comment.  In many of our departments, the people who
would most likely be assigned by the faculty member to download the
accepted manuscript for posting to websites and IR's are graduate
students and office secretaries, or other support staff. A strict
reading of this suggests such staff/assistants would not be allowed,
yet they are the most likely to get the assignment in my experience.

Chuck Hamaker


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Subject: Re: Elsevier Again Confirms Its Position on the Side of the
Green OA Angels


 As much as Elsevier appreciates praise for its policies, we also
want to prevent misunderstanding.

We are grateful that Colin Smith, Research Repository Manager of the
Open University, approached us with a question on our author posting
policy.  Mr. Smith had noticed that for some journals an early
"accepted manuscript" version of an author's paper was available on
ScienceDirect and he wanted to know if authors could download it and
deposit it to their institutional repositories.  As our longstanding
policy permits authors to voluntarily post their own author
manuscripts to their personal website or institutional repository, we
responded that we would not object to an author downloading this

However, our broader policy prohibits systematic downloading or
posting. Therefore, it is not permitted for IR managers or any other
third party to download articles or any other version such as
articles-in-press or accepted manuscripts from ScienceDirect and post
them. To the extent that Colin Smith's message could be read as
encouraging IR managers to download, it is a misinterpretation of our


Karen Hunter

Senior Vice President




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Green OA Angels

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Elsevier Still Solidly on the Side of the Angels on Open Access


From: C.J.Smith
Sent: 26 November 2008 10:05
Subject: Elsevier final draft versions

 A short while ago I mentioned on this list that Elsevier are
producing PDFs of the final accepted peer-reviewed manuscript and
publishing them online as part of their 'Articles in Press' system
(see attached example). The 'Accepted Manuscript' will stay online
until the 'Uncorrected Proof' replaces it.

 Everyone knows that Elsevier's policy (like most other publishers)
allows the use of the final accepted peer-reviewed manuscript in
repositories, but I wondered whether they would be happy about us
making use of the 'Accepted Manuscript' version they are producing
and publishing online.

 The answer (officially - from Daviess Menefee, Director of Library
Relations at Elsevier) is 'yes'.

 This is really good news because it gives us (Repository Managers
and Administrators) a window of opportunity to always get hold of the
final accepted peer-reviewed manuscript for Elsevier items (assuming
your institution subscribes to the journal in question). The 'window
of opportunity' is that time between which the 'Accepted Manuscript'
appears online and is replaced by the 'Uncorrected Proof'.

 Colin Smith

Research Repository Manager
Open Research Online (ORO)
Open University Library
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes

Tel: +44(0)1908 332971
Email: c.j.smith --

The Open University is incorporated by Royal Charter (RC 000391), an
exempt charity in England & Wales and a charity registered in
Scotland (SC 038302).

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