Norway's First Green Open Access Mandate; Planet's 60th

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Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 22:45:32 -0500

[From Peter Suber's Open Access News] 

Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services (NORWAY*
      Institution's OA Eprint Archives

      Institution's OA Self-Archiving Mandate
            Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health
            Services (Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter for
            helsetjenesten, NoKC) adopted
            an Institutional Policy for Open Access to
            Scientific Publications,November 25, 2008. 

            All scientific publications by NoKC research
            staff "must" be deposited at the time of
            acceptance in Helsebiblioteket's Research
            Archive (HeRA), the new institutional
            repository launched by the NoKC health
            library (Helsebiblioteket). For each deposit,
            HeRA will release as much as it can as soon
            as it can. For example, HeRA will respect
            publisher embargoes, but will release OA
            metadata during the period when the full-text
            may be embargoed. 

            The official request states that "The
            Ministry of Education and Research wishes to
            see the possibilities for stimulating an
            increased use of Open Access publishing of
            peer-reviewed scientific literature." By Open
            Access, the Ministry refers to both gold and
            green publishing, but there appears to be a
            stronger emphasis on self-archiving as the
            request specifically states that the
            investigation should evaluate whether a
            mandate on self-archiving (green) of publicly
            financed research should be introduced, as
            well as an evaluation of the legal,
            technical, economic, administrative, and
            other consequences of such a mandate.

[Stay tuned for a 61st Green OA Mandate announcement on Monday!]
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