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Hello everyone,

I posted this to the JISC Start up and Enhancement (SUE) mailing list
yesterday and it has been suggested that I post it here, too.

I just wanted to let people know that the University of Lincoln's
JISC-funded LIROLEM project
<http://learninglab.lincoln.ac.uk/wiki/Institutional_Repository> has
implemented the SNEEP project
<http://sneep.ulcc.ac.uk/wiki/index.php/Main_Page> plugins on our IR.
still got some CSS changes to make and debug some Internet Explorer
but for the most part, it's working. Thank you SNEEP.

e.g. http://eprints.lincoln.ac.uk/1543/

Notice the 'Show Comments/Notes/Tags' links at the bottom of the
page. That
test page also shows the tabbed abstract pages that we're using
across the
IR to support image, video and audio previewing.

EPrints Services maintain our IR, hosted at the University of
Lincoln, and
have done all of the customisation work under our JISC SUE project
Thank you, JISC and EPrints Services. Special thanks to Seb at
Services, who has been the principal developer. He is also working on
EdShare project <http://www.edshare.soton.ac.uk/> which shares some
of this
functionality. Seb has also been working on the SNEEP plugins to
ensure they
work over SSL, which they now do and will feedback any changes made
for our
IR to the SNEEP project and wider community. The multimedia preview
(including transcoding) support which you'll see on that Abstract
page, will
also be released to the community, probably when the EdShare project
complete. One of the objectives of the LIROLEM project (2007-8) was
provide better support for teaching and learning materials in

Also, note the 'Add to Collection' button. We have implemented a
basket' feature, similar to an e-commerce site, where users can add
to their collection as they browse and download them as a single
zipped file
at the end of their visit (or export the metadata in various
formats). You
need to register as a user to do this.

For the user depositing with us, we also have auto-completion for
keywords/tags, which should help ensure better consistency across our
keywords. If you've used a WordPress blog, it works the same way: you
type, select the suggested keyword if desired and separate multiple
with a comma.

We've also got basic tag cloud functionality:

Further work needs to be done with this to make it more
delicious-like, but
it's better than the massive single list of keywords we were rapidly
accumulating previously.

With all of this, we feel we have a more versatile IR application,
offers what is now common functionality found on other modern web
sites. Of
course, IR users are largely landing on and leaving from the Abstract
and it will take time and effort to encourage users to browse,
comment, tag,
preview, collect and download multiple items, but the functionality
is in
place for this.

Finally, I've been playing around with SWORD and the Facebook app
that was
recently released. I've blogged about it here: http://bit.ly/uHX

I welcome comments and offers of advice on how the Facebook plugin
could be
used more productively.

Thank you,

Technology Officer
Centre for Educational Research and Development
University of Lincoln
Brayford Pool
T: +44-1522-886759
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