RE: STM Publisher Briefing on Institution Repository Deposit Mandates

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Sue Thorn and I will shortly be publishing a report of a research
study on the attitudes and behaviour of 1368 members of UK-based
learned societies in the life sciences.

72.5% said they never used self-archived articles when they had
access to the published version; 3% did so whenever possible,
10% sometimes and 14% rarely. When they did not have access to
the published version, 53% still never accessed the self-archived
version; 16% did so whenever possible, 16% sometimes and 15%
rarely. However, 13% of references were not in fact to
self-archiving repositories - they included Athens, Ovid, Science
Direct and ISI Web of Science/Web of Knowledge.

Sally Morris
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Regarding Joe Esposito's question about whether digital archives
can siphon usage from the publisher, we reported on such a find
with 4 math journals in which some articles were deposited in the


Does the arXiv lead to higher citations and reduced publisher
downloads for mathematics articles? Philip M. Davis, Michael J.
Fromerth; Scientometrics Vol. 71, No. 2. p.203-215 (May, 2007)

and to illustrate "the Google effect", here is a link to a free
copy of the final manuscript:

--Phil Davis

Joseph J. Esposito asked:
> Someone speculated to me that the availability of articles in IRs
> is resulting in readers going to the IR version instead of the
> subscription version, even when the reader has access to the
> subscribed version (the cost of which is invisible to the
> end-user). This was characterized to me as "a Google effect,"
> that is, someone does a search on Google and clicks on the IR
> link rather than going to the library's subscription.
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