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      Tomasz, now that you have voiced your own opinion, it
      would be a good idea for you to read the background
      literature on this topic. There you will find the large,
      multidisciplinary and multinational author surveys
      <>  that were
      conducted several years ago by Alma Swan and Sheridan
      Brown, in which researchers did indeed voice their
      opinion, and their opinion was that they would not
      deposit until and unless it was mandated by their
      institutions and/or funders, but that if and when deposit
      was indeed mandated, 95% would deposit, and over 80%
      would deposit willingly. This finding has since been
      confirmed by others; and Arthur Sale has gone on to do
       on authors' actual behavior, with and without a mandate,
      to find that authors do indeed behave in accordance with
      the opinion they voiced in the Swan/Brown surveys, with
      their actual deposit rate approaching 100% within two
      years of the adoption of a deposit mandate (but
      languishing at the baseline 15% -- or 30% if incentives
      and assistance are provided -- if deposit is not

At the risk of seeming shamelessly to promote my own work, the other
formal studies that might be helpful to read are these:

Swan, A., Needham, P., Probets, S., Muir, A., Oppenheim, C., O'Brien,
A., Hardy, R. and Rowland, F. (2005) Delivery, Management and Access
Model for E-prints and Open Access Journals within Further and Higher
Education. A study funded by JISC and HEFCE.

Swan, A. and Awre, C. (2006) LINKING UK REPOSITORIES:
Technical and organisational models to support user-oriented services
across institutional and other digital repositories. SCOPING STUDY

And the rationale for local deposit plus central harvesting is laid
out here:

Alma Swan
Key Perspectives Ltd
Truro, UK
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