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I take it then that we agree at least that the German problem (if it exists)
is confined solely to Germany? That seems to be a logical consequence.

Arthur Sale

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Unfortunately it isn't enough to read the German constitution. You
have also to read the influential legal interpretations and court

I have made a suggestion for a university mandate in 2007 at

But I have to take into account that not only jurists against OA see
the constitutional barriers. OA friends like Eric Steinhauer or Gerd
Hansen (advocating a copyright law change that publicly funded
scholars would have the right to deposit in repositories after a 6
months embargo) are also against mandates. You can read Hansen's
influential refutation (2005) of the Pflüger/Ertmann mandate
suggestion in German at:

If you all would applaud Sale's interpretation of the German
constitution - that wouldn't change nothing. German jurists only read
German legal journals or books. And I cannot see any discussion on the
"OA via mandates" problem in the German OA community (discussions are
very rare there).

Klaus Graf
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