Monographs and Open Access

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Paula kindly alludes below to an article I wrote in 2005 for the
Charleston Conference but a more recent one on the academic monograph
appeared in the Journal of Electronic Publishing last year which gives
figures for the ANU e-press in terms of POD sales, which while still
relatively small in proportion to the large number of complete pdf
downloads, does show that POD book sales are going up. As the Espresso
POD machines come down in price and are more widely available, the pay
for print copies will surely accelerate in sales?

Scholarly Monograph Publishing in the 21st Century: The Future More Than
Ever Should Be an Open Book, vol 11, no 2, Spring 2008, Journal of
Electronic Publishing,;cc=jep;rgn=main;view

The initiative also last year of Bloomsbury Academic publishing is also
based on this premise of free online and buy a POD version.
"Publications will be available on the Web free of charge and will carry
Creative Commons licences. Simultaneously physical books will be
produced and sold around the world. For the first time a major
publishing company is opening up an entirely new imprint to be accessed
easily and freely on the Internet. Supporting scholarly communications
in this way our authors will be better served in the digital age".

The list also might be interested in the recent study from University
College, London on the academic monograph...

The Role and Future of the Monograph in Arts and Humanities Research A
research project carried out by CIBER / UCL Centre for Publishing for
the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UCL.


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Hi Falk

RE: your question ".... does open access increase or decrease sales
figures of hardcopy monographs?"

A really interesting paper by Colin Steele, from the Australian National
University in Australia, on the future of the scholarly monograph, cites
a paper Eve Gray and Associates that may provide the 'evidence' you are

Colin Steele
"...Evidence from those publishers who provide material free of charge
on the web is that free access to books on the web actually generate
more conventional book sales. A South African Open Access publishing
project made books available free of charge online, but then the sales
turnover of the HRSC Press in question rose by 300%. The conclusion was
that "availability of full text online for scholarly publications does
push up sales". (Eve Gray and Associates, 2004)" p5

Referenced source:
Eve Gray and Associates. (2004) Digital Publishing and Open Access for
Social Science Research Dissemination. p22. Available at

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Is anybody aware of recent valid empirical studies on monographes in
science and humanities and open access? For example, does open access
increase or decrease sales figures of hardcopy mongraphes?

Many thanks, all the best
Falk Reckling
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