Planet's 1st Library Faculty Open-Access Mandate: 7th US Mandate, 68th Worldwide

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Planet's 1st Library Faculty Open-Access Mandate: 7th US Mandate,
68th Worldwide

From Peter Suber's OA News:  This is the planet's first Green OA
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Mandate by a Library Faculty. Librarians have been at the vanguard of
the Open Access movement, often trying heroically, but in vain, to
convince other faculty university-wide to deposit, as well as to
convince the university to mandate deposit. Here is something they
can do on their own, to provide an example and show the way: mandate
deposit within their own department or faculty. (This is also an
instance if Arthur's Sale's suggestion that "patch-work" mandates be
adopted at the laboratory, department or faculty level, rather than
waiting for university-wide mandates)

To the Library Faculty at Oregon State University, who have now put
their own work where their heart (and hard work) is, kudos! The OSU
mandate is even the optimal ID/OA (DDR) mandate, as Peter notes
below.  -- SH


An OA mandate for the OSU library faculty

The library faculty at Oregon State University have adopted an OA
mandate (text and guidelines).  From today'sannouncement:

On March 6, library faculty adopted a policy that requires deposit of
final published versions of scholarly works in the libraries?
institutional repository, ScholarsArchive_at_OSU. This is the first open
access mandate adopted by a library faculty in the United States,
according to Michael Boock, head of digital access services for OSU

Since 2004, OSU Libraries has worked to collect the university?s
scholarship in digital form to ensure greater accessibility and
long-term preservation of the scholarship. ScholarsArchive_at_OSU, which
recently ranked fourth among U.S. digital repositories, contains
dissertations, theses, a wide variety of university technical
reports, working papers and series and increasingly, published
articles, papers and presentations. The current contributions come
from across campus, and are contributed on a voluntary basis.

The new policy means that t
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