New Version (2.1) of the DSpace Statistics Add-on

From: Eloy Rodrigues <eloy_at_SDUM.UMINHO.PT>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 15:54:48 -0000

Apologies for cross-posting


I'm glad to announce that the RepositóriUM team at Minho University
has finished the documentation and packaging off a new version of the
DSpace Statistics Add-on, which we already use in our Repository for
some months. This Add-on (see description below) is available at:


The original purpose of the Statistics Add-on was to promote
RepositóriUM and author self(or mediated)-archiving, by demonstrating
the worldwide accessibility and usage (access/downloads) of archived
documents. We also wanted to provide usage, content and
administrative statistics to IR and community/collection
administrators or coordinators.


The Statistics System is an add-on to the DSpace platform that allows
gathering, processing and presenting usage, content and
administrative statistics. Despite the fact that its development was
done to meet the specific needs of RepositóriUM, the system is
completely adjustable to other environments as its components can
easily be configured, changed or extended, to respond to different
information needs.


With the release of the current version 2.1 of the Stats System the
main focus was solving some architectural issues of version 2.0,

 * Adapting the add-on to the new build and deploy mechanism of
    DSpace 1.5.1;
 * New mechanism for gathering the events on DSpace, avoiding DSpace
    logging mechanism and log4j JDBC Appender (replaced by Mark H.
    Wood UsageEvent plug-in);
 * New mechanism for aggregating the stats. Ported from pl/pgsql to
 * Eliminate the pl/java language as a requirement;
 * Improvements on spider detection mechanism.

The main features of the Statistics System are:

 * Customizable statistics queries
 * Customizable web interface look and feel of each statistic
 * Customizable access policies
 * Data stored in database
 * Access origin detection and processing
 * Crawler/spider exclusion
 * Real time/Batch statistics
 * Temporal data aggregation
 * Dimensional aggregations (e.g. Country, Document type, etc)
 * Charts
 * Multilanguage support


You can see the implementation of the Add-on in RepositóriUM
( where the general (IR level)
access/download statistics(
wnviews-series) and individual access/download statistics (eg, are publicly available.



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