Re: [EuroscienceOA] Heidelberg Humanities Hocus-Pocus

From: Eberhard R. Hilf <hilf_at_ISN-OLDENBURG.DE>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 23:03:28 +0200

In essence, it is not serious, trying to understand and being concerned
about something, but a polemic intentional negative campaigning of the
Boersenverein in charge for defending the policy of publishers, and some
pseudo-intellectuals like Mr. Reuss.

The very language is absurd: 'the freedom of science to be at stake'...

The Reuss 'Appell' is not serious for scientists, and has been signed by
a) journalists, private writers, belletristic writers, and some intellectuals.
(For them, partly there is some truth in it).

Clearly, somewhat slowly, all the German Science Organisations, e.g.the
Allianz der Wissenschaften with the Wissenschaftsrat, the
Hochschulrektorenkonferenz, Max Planck, Fraunhofer etc. have protested and
handed out press releases to counteract. Also the Urheberrechtsbuendnis.

Also, after a first blind copying and distribution by journalists at
Newspapers such as DIE ZEIT, now there is a multitude of serious
thoughtful articles in daily newspapers, notably Tagesspiegel, sorting the
conflations out.

So, dont worry, there is a real concert now on open access in public now.
I personally believe that this will help OA.

To give you a perspective on the lobbyistic powers in Germany, very
quickly after the Heidelberg 'Appell' appeared, the chancelor Merkel
praised it, and its special minister Maizier signed it and said in public:
'we should have a keen eye on whether regulations are necessary for
restricting OA, and analyse whether OA is necessary or usefull'.
(For an analysis they ask the Boersenverein).
This will now give heat to the pre-election campaigns..
Because now the big research institutes e.g. in physics with its
established preprint culture and need will enter the scene.
In effect, we got now more public interest than ever expected.
So let us see what the effect is.

just to add: Mr.Reuss, in his role as Professor of history, or course has
his posted a digital copy of all his scientific articles on his
institutional server, with a link to the publisher for ordering a printed
copy if wished.
This is Kafka-esk: lying on the back just as the lobbyists do, OA is the
devils' gift, standing on his feet as a scientist, he is using OA.
By the way, his research field is Kafka.

Eberhard Hilf
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