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From: Christopher Gutteridge cjg -- ecs.soton.ac.uk
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Subject: [EP-tech]  3.1.3 Release

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EPrints 3.1.3 available for download!


In brief:
 * You will need to upgrade the database structure using epadmin
   see below for more details.
 * The new JSON export plugin exposes all the metadata from on
EPrint, if
   you disabled the XML export you may wish to disable this too.

 * New config. style for views (old style still works too)
 * Views "menu" pages can now be split up, eg. A-C, D-F, G-I etc.
   default Author view uses this option)
 * Fixed a bug where bad view URLs created huge pages and ate memory.
 * Removed bogus xmlns attributes.

 * Added both an export plugin, plus a CGI script to allow javascript
   callbacks (which allows mashups to work on your data).
 * To turn on the callback script to allow mashups etc. set
   $c->{json}->{enable} = 1;
   in the config. This is set by default on new repositories.
 * The syntax of the callback script is
 * The data exposed by the JSON export plugin is the same as for
   so if you have sensitive data in your records, you may wish to
   disable it, and not enable the callback script.

 * Several fixes to issues with encoding.

 * Added support for custom OAI sets, which helps us meet the DRIVER
 * Fixed a bug where GetRecord returned records it shouldn't.

 * This is an experiemental tool. It is not recommended you run this
on a
   production server without chatting with us first. However it is

 * addDocument now returns the numerical ID of the document rather

Input Workflow
 * Multiple fields can now contain <help> and <name> in their sub
 * Can now use Subject input component with other fields in a

 * The schema ID has been increased as we have standardised that all
   of a name field will be NULL or set, not a mixture. Upgrading the
   using epadmin will fix this scruffy data, but the resulting
   structure will be still compatible with earlier 3.1.* releases,
but if
   you downgrade you'll need to modify the "version" table back to

 * Whitespace now auto-stripped from DOIs & Pubmed IDs.
 * Fixed issue in encoding paths for documents with subdirectories.
 * Fixed autocomplete javascript under HTTPS.

Christopher Gutteridge -- http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/people/cjg
Lead Developer, EPrints Project, http://eprints.org/
Web Projects Manager, School of Electronics and Computer Science,
University of Southampton.
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