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EPrints v3.2 is in the early stages of development; its features were
discussed and some hands-on demos of its cloud storage, preservation
analysis and network file systems were run at OR09 this week. For
those of you not able to join us in Atlanta this week, there is
'distilled guide' to our development aims for v3.2 available on
slideshare (if you prefer to see it without distracting onscreen
adverts, it is embedded in my blog).

An executive summary of the distilled guide might be as follows: by
combining an efficient and rich data model, extensible storage
management options and a portfolio of API choices, an EPrints
repository forms a valuable component of the researcher's and the
institution's information environment.

Slideshare link:
Blog link:http://repositoryman.blogspot.com/2009/05/distilled-guide-to-eprints-v32.htm

Les Carr
PS Unfortunately, the shorter the presentation gets, the fewer
development details are left and the more it sounds like marketing
fluff! If you want to see the full presentation, the PDF is available
at http://files.eprints.org/453/
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