Re: OA in High Energy Physics Arxiv Yields Five-Fold Citation Advantage

From: Alma Swan <a.swan_at_TALK21.COM>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 20:21:06 +0100

Sally Morris said:

> Stevan is, I'm sure, well aware that IOP at least has claimed that point (2)
> is erroneous and that it was misquoted by Swan

Eh? Swan stands by her original report.

All the quotes were written down verbatim during telephone conversations or
came to me by email, and all were cleared with the individuals that gave
them before I put them in the public arena.

I still have the emails if anyone needs to see them for verification.

Accusing someone without foundation, especially on a public list, of
misquoting is a rather disappointing lapse in standards of behaviour,
especially when that someone takes great care not to misrepresent people who
have agreed to give evidence.

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