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A free "Linked Data for Institutions" training day will be provided on
Thursday 3 September by the JISC-funded dotAC project.
Linked Data (linkeddata.org) is an emerging movement from
Semantic Web research, which aims to expose datasets from many different
sources in readily accessible machine processable forms. A major area of
Linked Data publishing is concerned with research activities, and
therefore publication metadata. This workshop explores the implications
of this activity for repositories such as those provided by EPrints.
The first half of the day introduces the concepts of Linked Data, and
discusses the RKBExplorer (http://rkbexplorer.com/) application built by
a team at Southampton. This Linked Data application processes data from
a number of repositories and other sources, and uses advanced identity
management techniques to identify co-references between data sources,
enabling a coherent combined view to be formed over multiple datasets.
The second half of the workshop focuses on helping delegates to envisage
publishing their metadata into the Linked Data world, as well as being
able to consume the metadata from their own and others' repositories,
and from other Linked Data sources. We shall additionally outline plans
for the provision of Linked Data publishing facilities within ePrints,
and look forward to discussions regarding these tools with repository
owners and maintainers.
What you will learn:
* What is Linked Data and the Semantic Web
* How URIs should be assigned and used for named entities
* Issues and techniques related to identity management and co-reference
* How to use a variety of Linked Data services and resources
* Plans currently in development for including Linked Data support
within EPrints
Details of the day (which is run in conjunction with an EPrints
training course) can be found on the EPrints website:
Les Carr
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