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Sorry for Cross Posting!!!

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS)
<> in India had also rated 1600 journals

The criteria followed is as given below:

Non-Impact Factor Journals have been assigned a place from 1 to 6
marks, corresponding to the grade from ?D? to ?B+? suggested by the
Fellowship and finalized by the Journal Rating Committee of the

Journals with Impact Factor have been assigned a place from 6.1 to 10
marks such that the journals which are more often opted by majority
of Indian Scientists for publishing their work show better spread
whereas journals with relatively higher Impact Factor have been
clustered together.

This is for the information of the Forum.

Thanks & Regards


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thanks for the hint!

You may also have a look to the EZB (Elektronische
Zeitschriftendatenbank = Electronic Journal Database) which
comprises a list of 45.344 journal titels (mostly scientific).
22.459 scientific journals are available online, about 5000
from them are online only. The list is set up by more than 500
libraries, mainly from Germany and run by the University
Regensburg Library. They got several awards for this service.

For both, your list and this service, it would be highly
interesting not only to have the ranking according to
scientific value, but also to have a simple classification (not
more than 5 options!) concerning the open access policy.
Together with a webservice where articles can be checked
automatically this would be a really helpful service for
repositories. Maybe a field for cooperation? Contact person for
the EZB is Albert Schroeder

Best regards,


Arthur Sale schrieb:
      The Australian Research Council has released a list
      of journals that will be used in its metric
      evaluation of Australian university research. The
      list is currently unranked and provided for
      university review, as these ?rankings? are in
      process of finalization and will be available
      towards the end of the year (split into categories
      of A*, A, B and C in the ratios 5:15:30:50). The
      list does not contain a discipline classification
      either, and this will accompany the rankings  at
      the end of the year.

      To view the list see
      Follow the link to download an Excel spreadsheet.
      Each ?journal must have an ISSN and be a
      peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published during
      the ERA reference period? to be included.

      Readers who are interested in the number of
      research journals in the world may find this
      spreadsheet useful as a lower bound. Similarly for
      those writing spiders and screen scrapers. The list
      was drawn up in consultation with Australian
      scholarly societies. It comprises 16734 journals
      covering many countries, though dominantly in
      English. It was drawn up for Australian university
      research evaluation and hence its coverage of
      languages other than English is selective and
      perhaps discipline-specific. The list will be
      updated fortnightly.

      Arthur Sale

      University of Tasmania

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