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It seemed like a good idea, so...

I have harvested all the repositories I found on roar.eprints.org and
converted the XML to RDF (or at least the ones that complied enough with the
OAI-PMH protocol so I could do it in a reasonable time).
I then asserted it all into our Linked Data-enabled system.

So this means that you can query what I found at
if that is of any use to you.
(The main page is http://oai.rkbexplorer.com/ )

You also get a URI for each paper - it only resolves to RDF for basic DC at
the moment, but I plan to add DCT and BIBO when I get the time (it takes a
fair while to process this much data, and it is not all very clean). I plan
that these additions will use the same URIs, so feel free to refer to them.

Of course, you also get Semantic Sitemaps and voiD description.

So a simple query might be:
SELECT * WHERE { ?subject ?predicate "Smith, J" }

Unfortunately it will take a long time to build the search index, and so you
will probably find the search box is very slow and not as good as you would
hope for quite a while - use the SPARQL query above to search in the

I will start the work of linking up with other Linked Data sites when the
search tables are built.

By the way, the site has over 30M RDF triples, which is quite a lot.

Hopefully some people may find this interesting - if you don't know what I
am talking about, then please ignore!

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