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The University of Hong Kong wishes to announce HKU ResearcherPages
for each its many authors, now appearing in the The HKU Scholars Hub,
the institutional repository of HKU.  Three examples,        Prof Samaranayake, Dean of
Dentistry        Prof Bacon-Shone, Associate Dean
of Social Sciences        Prof Tam, Pro-Vice Chancellor


This work is the result of a successful collaboration between HKU and
CILEA (AePIC Team).  Much of the code developed for this project has
been included in the forthcoming version 1.6 of DSpace, which will
soon be release to the community.




* Author-centric bibliometrics from Scopus - the results of an
on-going massive bibliometric rectification project, between Elsevier
and HKU. [Pls note the +/- expand/collapse box for bibliometrics in
pages above].  This is in preparation for our annual Performance
Reviews, and our impending Research Assessment Exercise.


* Author-centric bibliometrics from (Web of Science)
- the results of an on-going large scale institutional upload of
publication lists for each HKU author to RID.  One example,


* Unique identifier for each HKU researcher.  In URLs above,
"rp00023", "rp00056", and "rp00060" are examples of this.


* Integration with HKU's Media Directory, to show subjects on which
each researcher can speak to, or write for the media, and in which
languages.  The Hub is now an expert finder, for those in gov't &
industry wishing to find specialists for consultancies, contract
research, etc.  Pls note facets by which RPs can be retrieved,


* Authority control; disambiguation of like named individuals,
linkage from variant names to the established heading, synonymy
between established headings in different vernacular scripts. 


* Article level metrics from Scopus, Web of Science, and Google
Scholar.  In example below, pls scroll down to red buttons,


Further description:


* Presentation given at the Dec 2-4 Digital Repository Federation
International Conference (DRFIC 2009), Tokyo:

* Presentation given at the Nov 18-20 Pacific Rim Digital Library
Association (PRDLA 2009), Auckland:

* Thomson Reuter's Customer Profile and Case Study

* Thomson Reuters' "Intelligent Information for Life" article

* HKU press release


The next round of development begins soon.


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