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From: Stevan Harnad <harnad_at_ecs.soton.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 08:42:10 -0500

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> From: Leslie Carr <lac -- ecs.soton.ac.uk>
> Date: January 8, 2010 8:34:53 AM EST (CA)
> Subject: Registry of Open Access Repositories upgraded
> An upgraded version of the ROAR service http://roar.eprints.org/ has
> been debuted, thanks to recent JISC funding shared jointly between
> ROAR and OpenDOAR.
> The Registry of Open Access Repositories, which provides the open
> access community with quantitative analyses of open access
> repositories across the world, has now been reworked as a repository
> itself. Collecting, updating and editing information about open
> access repositories is now part of a familiar repository workflow,
> and consequently much easier to handle. Open access repository
> managers can register for a ROAR account to enter and update
> information about their own repositories. We hope that the improved
> facilities will result in better quality information and an improved
> service for all stakeholders.
> Built on top of the information acquisition, storage and
> dissemination facilities of the EPrints repository platform, ROAR
> provides the following familiar features:
> - Cataloguing individual repositories and their attributes
> - Easy addition of information about new repositories
> - The option to share new repository information with OpenDOAR
> - Listing repositories by location, purpose and software platform
> - Analyses of the growth over time of individual repositories or
> groups of repositories
> - Searching for repositories by various properties
> - Searching the contents of groups of repositories using a Google
> Customised Search
> - Access to the OAI-PMH data obtained from the Celestial harvester
> Repository platforms have matured greatly in recent years, adapting
> to the challenge of managing a wide range of research outputs, data
> and different forms of scholarly material. It seems only appropriate
> that information about the repository community should itself be
> held in a repository, allowing for easier update, flexible
> dissemination and improved sharing with other registry services such
> as OpenDOAR.
> ---
> Les Carr & Tim Brody
> Registry of Open Access Repositories
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