Re: Roundtable Press Release (Access to Research Results)

From: Marc Couture <jaamcouture_at_GMAIL.COM>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 13:57:17 -0500

Andy Powell wrote:

> Has anyone ever considered developing an 'OA' button (a bit like the CC ones) that
> can be added  to individual articles? [...] the repository could be made to automatically
> add it each time a document is uploaded

From my experience, it is quite obvious in the metada page of the
article when a full-text version is available for download (thus OA )
or from the author on request (“closed access”).
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There is also the (undocumented) Google Scholar's green triangle (see for details), which seems to be good at
identifying repository-based versions, but apparently less in the case
of “free” (gratis) articles on publisher websites.

Sally Morris wrote:

> Our article [in the journal Learned Publishing ] is, indeed, OA
> (as the copyright line on the first page makes clear).

I had overlooked the footnote mentioning the CC license, but one
normally expects a CC icon to be displayed on the website. Anyway,
this is an issue mostly for someone who wants to evaluate the number
or ratio of (gold) OA articles. The “normal” user understands soon
enough if the article is free (at least for her) or available for a
fee (pay-per-view or subscription).

Marc Couture
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