Re: AW: Conflating OA Repository-Content, Deposit-Locus, and Central-Service Issues

From: Leslie Carr <>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 23:30:11 +0000

On 30 Nov 2009, at 21:15, Armbruster, Chris wrote:

      Any Internet 101 course will include plenty of examples
      where deposit, content and service are assembled within a
      single site (by one provider, company etc.) - the list is
      really very long, from ArXiv to Amazon, SSRN to Flickr,
      RePEc to Facebook and so on. Internet 101 theory will
      then elucidate why this is so an (e.g. network effects,
      economies of scale and so on). Creating thousands of
      little repositories was probably never a good idea (and
      seemingly based on the fundamental misunderstanding that
      the Internet may be conquered by political willpower
      alone...). No wonder the harvesting, searching and
      collecting has never worked.
      Nevertheless, we do have all those little and near empty
      repositories (more than 1000), and it is thus necessary
      and useful to consider how the situation can be improved
      and repositories given a purpose that will foster their
      acceptance by scholars. Acceptance comes through service.

I think Chris is referring to a Web 101 course (such as I teach on
Web Technology and Web science courses). The Web architecture is  a
distributed, decentralised information system consisting of a
multitude of servers and services. As Chris points out, this list of
servers is really very long indeed! But I am not sure how Chris can
claim that harvesting and searching has never worked, since it is in
fact the basis on which tens and hundreds of millions of people
experience the Web on a daily basis.
Les Carr
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