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    All -
    Richard Poynder recently suggested that there were three bogeymen haunting
    the OA movement: (1) asking authors to pay to publish could turn scholarly
    publishing into a vanity press; (2) OA publishing will in any case
    inevitably lead to lax or even non-existent peer review; (3) OA publishing
    is not financially sustainable.

    In my opinion…..

    There is already evidence of (1) with various publishers trying to scam
    payment for publishing (fortunately very few cases to date).

    As a consequence of (1), (2) inevitably happens - but hopefully only in the
    case of a small number of so-called journals.

    It may be that (3) is true; with all information to date indicating gold OA
    costs 3 to 4 times more than current subscription models (the figure of 3
    comes from our own estimates at STFC, 4 comes from the recent posting on
    AMSCI concerning the ACM article).

    But of course if current subscription models (maintaining peer review) are
    backed up by green OA via IRs then everyone has the benefit of OA at a much
    reduced cost.

    In my opinion, the answer for academics - especially in these days of
    financial stringency - is to keep with the subscription model and go green
    OA and let future scholarship ecosystems develop.

    Happy to discuss further...

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