Re: Is Harvard's OA Policy pure bragging?

From: Bernard Rentier <brentier_at_ULG.AC.BE>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 15:44:59 +0100

Censorship is needed against insults. An accusation of bragging is insulting.
This forum should remain a place where well educated people exchange their thoughts, not a boxing ring.

B. Rentier

Le 22 mars 2010 à 12:06, Klaus Graf a écrit :

> As you know it's pure censorship what you are doing. As moderator you
> have to be neutral but it is clear that you are misusing your
> administrative power regarding postings you don't like.
> I am not professor.
> Klaus Graf
> 2010/3/22 Stevan Harnad <>:
>> On 20-Mar-10, at 9:57 PM, Klaus Graf wrote:
>>> A short update on the Knoll case:
>>> Klaus Graf
>> For Prof. Shieber's remarkably patient and polite reply to Prof.
>> Graf's prior posting along much the same lines, see
>> (I think Prof. Shieber's reply pretty much covers Prof. Graf.'s latest
>> installment too.)
>> There are constructive criticisms one might make of some of the
>> current implementational details of Harvard's policy --
>> -- but certainly not the way Prof. Graf goes about it; moreover,
>> chances are that Prof. Graf would continue in much the same tone even
>> once those implementational details were fixed, since they are not the
>> target of his criticism.
>> Stevan Harnad
>> P.S. I think I made a judgment error, as moderator, in approving Prof.
>> Graf's subject header, as well as the pointer to his comment on his
>> website. Let this be taken as notice that as of now, no subject
>> headers like the above one will be approved for posting in this Forum;
>> nor will postings, even with temperate headings, if they merely point
>> to intemperate postings elsewhere, as the above one does.
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