Australian Lists of Journals and Conferences

From: Arthur Sale <ahjs_at_OZEMAIL.COM.AU>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 10:38:20 +1100

I have been waiting for the Australian Government to post to these lists, but
they haven’t.


So let me advise you that the Australian Research Council (ARC) has published
its definitive lists of ranked journals used by Australians, and ranked
conferences in selected disciplines. I emphasize that (a) these are lists
relevant to Australians, and (b) the verb ‘used’ conveys the proper relationship
between author and publisher. The Journal of the American Beaver or the
International Journal of Up-Helly-Aa are unlikely to appear (if they exist).
Though they might be in the list if we have an Australian researcher working in
these fields. Australians are rather eclectic in where they publish (3% of the
world’s research). There is in fact very little local!


Please point your browser to the ARC’s page on ranked outlets Warning: if you download the
files on this page they are fairly big. But invaluable.


The rankings were developed after a two-year consultation with Australia’s
professional societies (and their members) and the Academies (important
Australians in several groupings eg Science, Humanities).


Note that the journals are ranked A+, A, B. C and only the first two categories
are regarded as important. They are likely to be internationally relevant.  Bs
and Cs will contain most of the local stuff. Publishers will dispute rankings of
course and the C category is no doubt missing many which are irrelevant to us.


Conferences are ranked A, B, C with A regarded as important. Only selected
disciplines have ranked conferences (eg computer science) where these are
regarded as important research outlets as journals.




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