Declan Butler in Nature about Open Access

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 18:45:35 -0400

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Declan Butler's 7 April article in Nature -- "US seeks to make science
free for all "
-- says a lot about (1) "Gold" Open Access publishing fees (and about
where the money will come from).

It also says a little about (2) "Green" Open Access self-archiving
mandates from research funders that require fundees to deposit the
final, accepted drafts of published articles in an Open Access
repository (and about how long they are embargoed before they are made
Open Access).

But it says nothing at all about the biggest Open Access development
of all: (3) Green Open Access deposit mandates from authors'
universities and research institutions.

Not all research is funded, but virtually all of it originates from
the planet's universities and research institutions. And although MIT
and Harvard have pledged to commit some funds to pay for some Gold
Open Access fees for some of their authors, Declan Butler's article
neglects to mention that they first mandated Green Open Access for all
of their own institutional research output, funded and unfunded,
across all disciplines-- and so have over a hundred other universities
worldwide. See ROARMAP

Harnad, S. (2008) Waking OA’s' Slumbering Giant': The University's
Mandate To Mandate Open Access New Review of Information Networking
14(1): 51 - 68

Stevan Harnad
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