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 The Cybermetrics Lab from CSIC has just published the new July 2010
edition of their Ranking Web of World Universities
(http://www.webometrics.info). In this new edition, the coverage of
the Asian region has been greatly expanded and the number of higher
education institutions analyzed is over 20,000 being offered the
ranking of the Top 12,000.

North American universities still lead the tables (Harvard, MIT,
Stanford and Berkeley are the first four), together with the Canadian
institutions behaving very well surpassing the privilege positions of
the British ones.

In Europe, apart from the mentioned British (Cambridge and Oxford and
Edinburgh in Scotland), it is also worth mentioning the rankings of
the Swiss (ETH Zurich) and the Nordic ones (Helsinki, Oslo).In more
delayed positions appear the universities from Germany, France, Italy
or Spain, mostly due to the fact that research in this countries is
developed by independent institutions (Max Planck, CNRS, CNR, CSIC).

In Latin America the UNAM from Mexico reaches the 70th of the world,
being specially remarkable the large number of Brazilian universities,
leaded by Sao Paulo, found between the best of the region.
Universities of Chile and Buenos Aires are positioned just behind.
Universities of Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore lead the Asian ranking,
and behind them are the Taiwanese and Korean ones. Chinese
universities are still lagging behind their neighbors and the
institutions from the Indian subcontinent have delayed ranks.

The Ranking Web of World research Centers
(http://research.webometrics.info) complements the previous one, with
a directory of more than 7,000 entries from which the classification
of the Top 4000 is offered. The National Institutes of Health of USA
and NASA lead the Ranking, being followed very closely by the French

The Cybermetrics Lab develops its activities at the Centro de Ciencias
Humanas y Sociales of the CSIC in Madrid. Their rankings are being
published twice a year (January and July) since 2004 and they pretend
to motivate and reinforce the role of the university as a source and
distributor of web contents of high quality and open access.
Isidro F. Aguillo, HonPhD
Cybermetrics Lab (3C1)
Albasanz, 26-28
28037 Madrid. Spain
Editor of the Rankings Web
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