Re: Evolutionarily Stable Strategies (ESSs)

From: Katherine Lyne (
Date: Tue Oct 07 1997 - 15:47:49 BST

Comment from the end of the session when you asked about the connection
between memes and genes.

The connection seems obvious, that there is a streong link. Memes are
cultural ideas that are passed through generations. These, like genes,
will be the ideas that have best benefited a generation for whatever
purpose; and so are carried on.

It was interesting that this was raised after the brief discussion
about the battle of the sexes. Genes dictate that there is this dilema
of bear/care where the parent who dissert first is the benefactor as
the other will have the dilemma. In our culture, the strategy of the
female to be coy and to use the male to build a home etc is balanced
with some natural promiscuity. (An ESS) However this is continued
within memes in the same subject. Cultura; ideas, portrayed by various
means (eg religion, society, morality) back up the ideas of parents
staying together, life monogomous relationships, etc reinforces the
care ideals. On the other hand, as our society shows, there is also a
cultural feeling of promiscuity, single parent families etc is the
opposite of this. Thus the genetic (?) dilemma is mirrored in the
dichotomy of the memes within a culture. In this area there seems to be
an ESS within the care/ bear culture.

Kate Lyne

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