Re: Sperm Wars

From: gianni valenti (
Date: Mon Nov 17 1997 - 19:31:25 GMT

Our very complex sexual behavior, from the most sociably respected one
such as marital routine sex to the lesser respected one such as group
sex, can be explained as the continuous attempt to pass on, our genes
with the help of an other that has been selected (either actively or
passively)to be the carrier of "most-likely-to-be" successful genes.

This is unconsciously chosen from various features such as physical
attraction (which in turns is an index of how many wanted features are
present, which code for fertility, health, and possible desire it may
have on others of the opposite sex), dominance (wealth/social status,
character strength, acquired respect) and readiness to engage in a
stable relationship (more often looked for by the females).

Each of these features are important for 3 different reasons: 1- they
will provide a stable environment(eg. social class, readiness to engage
in relationship, etc.) for the child to mature healthy and give it a
head-start advantage in its passing on of its genes, 2- most of the
screened features (eg. health , facial attractiveness, etc.)will be
passed on to the children genetically and therefore increase their
chances in successfully reproducing, and finally 3- effortful time will
not be lost in unobtained pregnancies or unsatisfactory rearing
(determined by health of the parent, readiness to engage in relation,

Sometimes it is not so much the unconscious mind that does the
adjustments to the behavior or to the body (in order to retain more
sperm, ovulate, increase fluidity of mucus plug, increase white blood
cell presence in cervical mucus and so on for females; increase sperm
production, and so on by the male), but it is left for the disputes to
"argue" either in a larger scale (such as fighting, jealousy) or by a
less visible scale which occurs in the body of the female: sperm wars.

The environment always has to give the go-ahead, such as the situation
of the couple (or actually of the mother) has to be stable and
promising so that the young may be reared in a stable and healthy
environment. The goal of the game is to produce enough offspring as
possible that will in turn produce enough,so that the original parent`s
genes will never die out (in theory).

>From all this one can conclude that every sexual process circulates
around two main concepts: energy and time. Their waste is avoided.

Following this I have a question (freshly baked), which may go back a
long way.

OK, the biological drive to pass on your genes but why bother so much
with selection, when in the long run, after only 4 generations the
individuals will only have 1/16 of your genes and after 7 generations
they will have ONLY 1/128!!!!!!!!!!


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