Re: Sperm Wars

From: G.Valenti (
Date: Wed Nov 26 1997 - 11:29:58 GMT

Maybe there is no quantity/quality dilemma.
Organisms could only be wired for the population of the environment in the
near future, i.e. are not concerned on how many people will have 1/32 of
their genes (maybe because they will never live long enough), but are
profoundly more concerned on how many individuals will carry up to 1/8 of
their genes as in their eyes and knowledge they will feel more successful.


Or maybe the dilemma is still there.

Wouldn`t it be better if we used a combination of sexual reproduction (to
get inprovements in our genes for the environment) and asexual
reproduction, so that part of the following generations will bare 100% of
our genes?

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