dennett (past participle, adj.): state of a theory that has been repeatedly assaulted by a blunt instrumentalist (infinitival form: "First you bennett, then you dennett"; a dc dennett (noun, masc.) is the electronic version of the instrument an ac/dc dennett (noun masc. fem.) is any device that thinks it should get its queen out early; also a softening of the bone casings secondary to remaining too long in the intentional stance.


Here is my pre-emptive contribution to the auto-apocrypha:

harnad (noun) as in don't be such a harnad: Being subject to an irresistible disposition to describe all manner of cups -- full empty, half-full and half-empty -- as hopelessly flawed in some essential respect. Not to be confused with getting a harnad: Being seized with an aberrant and insatiable appetite for miscegenation, with voyeuristic, exhibitionistic and sadomasochistic features; usually requiring the possession of an intact, bilaterally symmetric organ of dissemination also called the harnad(s,), capable of emitting an unrelenting stream of bbs.