Types of imaging devices

Linear sensor swept closely across object

(HP shown)

transparency/negative scanners

Nikon slide scanner - 2700dpi


Digital cameras

low end: 640x480 to 1500x1000
Kodak DC290 shown

has Digita script language for programming





Kodak DCS560

3k x 2k resolution is roughly the same as 35mm film.

Firewire connection

Microdrive storage (up to 1GB)






3D imaging devices

laser-based structured light plus CCD camera for texture/image

3D-scanners Ltd Modelmaker
hand-moved device









CyberWare Modelshop scanner

 Rotating turntable and structured light









Stereo systems use pairs of cameras.

This is an example of a rather bulky stereo imaging system

See Ray Hannisian's pages.

Handheld pens and "hoovers"

HP Capshare handheld scanner



C-pen is a scan/OCR device





The Philips Webcam - USB connection, simple camera