Pictures of RTI/PTM imaging dome #1

This is a quarter of dome1 after drying out its many coats of matt black on the inside. The spots are the clear masked plastic where the LEDs are stuck on the inside.

Building the PTM dome on Vimeo. As it was the first one it took a long time to make sure everything was perfect.

Sascha, Michael and Kirk designed these custom PCBs to provide a grid of switching for the LEDs in the dome. A usb-controller links these to the controlling computer.

Lights test on Vimeo.

We set up the dome fir the first time to check physical issues like camera mounting

We thought a little lift would be useful inside the dome, Michael built this sliding mechanism. As the dome is raised above the table to allow objects to be slid-in, they then need raising up to the imaging plane.

This is a test setup in Oxford- showing the camera mounting.

photos by various members of the AHRC RTISAD team.