RTI Imaging in the Louvre Philip Basford and Jacob Dahl in  front of the Louvre

in Jan. 2011 we completed RTI "dome3" for the Mellon foundation funded imaging campaign. The design has been improved and a transit box built:

The first photo shows Philip Basford and Jacob Dahl early in the morning, outside the Louvre in Paris. It weighed about 35kg and was taken there by Eurostar train.

A custom built camera mount makes dome3 easier to construct. The electronics which turns the LEDs on/off has been simplified but remains compatible with the previous systems we built.

The system will stay in the Louvre for two weeks to capture items from the "Oriental artefacts" department. It will then go on to live permanently in the USA for another imaging session.

Below you can see the system installed close to the objects. Roughly 40GB of data was made per day.




In 2014 we built an RTI dome for the Louvre and delivered it in April.

"dome4" was installed in the museum itself - to help image more tablets. This was in collaboration with Oxford once again and the Louvre team benefitted from a long term visit by Klaus to train them.

This RTI dome benefitted from lessons learnt over the years - including a much stiffer structure, Nikon D800 camera and runs from a powerful Apple Macbook Pro.

one frame of a tablet image.

Photos Copyright Philip Basford 2011 or Kirk Martinez 2014..

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