Silverstone Lotus Exige experience 2007

I went on the "Silverstone experience" in a Lotus Exige in Jan '07. This consists of 5 laps learning with an instructor, a break followed by 4 more laps then the instructor takes over and shows you what can be done in a very fast lap. The Exige feels fast and the handling seems to be very controllable. I had to correct a few slides and this required only gently correction. On the big curves of Silverstone, which was rather damp, the whole car seemed to drift nicely in an under-steer manner rather than threaten to bite you with manic oversteer. On the straights I gave up glancing at the speedo after about 110mph as braking in a straight line at the end of the straights requires 110% concentration. On the trickiest 90mph braking zone before the greasy chicane the car would squirm under braking.

See video (mpeg1 12MB) (mpeg2 72MB) (Real Media 7MB)

Best track car I have ever driven! Fantastic track! not too complex to learn but with loads of challenges.

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