Thruxton track day

Here are some pics from an exciting day on Thruxton race track 1999 - the fastest in the UK!

First I did a few laps in an MGF (VVC) to get a feel for the track. Comparatively easy in that car, once you learn the racing line.
Then a few laps in a single seater 2litre car with slicks. Here the grip is incredible as is acceleration! The fast back straight pulls your helmet up incredibly as you speed along.

The single seater

Here I am in the Ferrari 355

First impressions when you get into a Ferrari 355 is that from the inside it feels pretty ordinary and even cramped! Pulling out onto the track you notice that the throttle is incredibly sensitive, which is one reason why the instructor likes to keep you in 4th/5th gear afterwards. The steering feels pretty light for a large car but I never pushed it to the limit to feel more anyway. The suspension is so good that you don't feel a lot of roll or bumps and the impression of speed seems diminished - I went through high speed corners at 90mph with little effort. It was very hard to know how hard to push it! The direct force-in-the-back feeling from pressing the accelerator was amazing.

Hints if you go on this track day: don't expect to push the cars to the limits or be traffic free, talk through the car characteristics with each instructor before starting, don't expect great photos - spectators can't see much unless they go around the outside of the track (good idea!). Enjoy!

See: Ian Taylor School of Motoring