Linux on the HP Netserver 6000lt

When we upgraded from 2 CPUs to six - we installed Redhat 7.1 and found there were crashes with our threaded VIPS code... plus some heavy system time used when running lots of heavy processes. We seem to have cured that by upgrading the Kernel to 2.4.5-0.2.9smp and glibc to Tests with our VIPS, running 1-6 threads with images processing produce the following results:

There is a little system time being used - up to 1s when 6 threads are running - so that may account for speed-ups of 5 even though 580% usage is shown by "time". It can be seen that computationally intensive processing such as correlation benefit most.

Compiling large packages such as VIPS is very fast using make -j to run more than one compile at a time - for example the libsrc area takes 3min 47s but only 1min 9s with "make -j 6".

Here is a screen dump of gkrellm plotting CPU activity during a 1-8 threads test. Note that after 6 threads there is no extra benefit...

For more information on VIPS see: VIPS home pages