HP Art and Science News at Southampton

By Kirk Martinez IAM-ECS


SCULPTEUR prototypes installed at C2RMF and V&A.

New X-ray mosaicing student project (3rd year)


New dual 3GHz Xeon system installed and running!

New version of our Viseum IIP image viewer developed with C2RMF and visiting student – now on sourceforge!

Lt6000 now running RedHat Enterprise Linux!

Nov 2002

Upgraded lt6000 boot and home disks to 15k rpm Seagate fast disks and Linux to Redhat 8. The new GCC compiler (3.2) caused no hiccups with vips – but quite a few with other people’s code. Benchmarks on the dual 1.4GHz nodes shows that they are as fast as the lt6000 using four CPUs (ie 4 x 700MHz = 2.8GHz, same as 2 x 1.4GHz) 

Oct 2002

Installed four new processing nodes! Linked into our Gigabit Ethernet backbone, which links directly into the main HP server via fibre Ethernet. Initial tests show that each node can saturate its 100Mbit link, when they all access the main RAID array. One node is being used by a group design project on image processing services and concept browsing – related to the SCULPTEUR project.

Summer 2002

Exported image processing modules to C2RMF – and some summer students there ported them as mySQL modules and achieved an excellent speed-up on content-based retrieval. Technology transfer success!

Jan 2002

New versions of the Artiste image processing functions delivered to C2RMF for testing on their HP servers. Plus new PHP scripts which can run content-based retrieval programs.

Nov 2001

Visual Linking experiment - we designed a system to match captured images against a database and add links to web pages dynamically. We modelling a Jornada palmtop with a camera as an Omnibook laptop with a Webcam/Wifi card and used the 6000lt server to do the main processing. We were reasonably successful with just a week's work and a couple of algorithms, proving that it may be possible from a palmtop with access to a server over radio networks. See our Iam Fest pages.

Sept 2001

Linux kernel upgraded on our server to 2.4.7-0.8smp to remove more bugs. In general it needs the latest kernel and C library in order to work reliably.

Aug 2001

SCOPYR converter written and installed in C2RMF to convert old tiled images to pyramidal JPEG TIFF

July 2001

Image database project software (PHP and Java) delivered to C2RMF to help development of their new database. The aim is to make a MySQL based system using open software.

Nov 2000

Systems delivered - see pictures.