ACOHIR Filename Convention

by Stephen Perry

ACOHIR images sequences are named using the following convention. Each image in the sequences is kept in a separate file, and is appropriated indexed such that it's relationship to the other files in the sequence can be easily calculated. The complete name for each image in a sequence consists of a number of components each separated by an '_' character, and are individually described below:

This is logical name for the entire sequence. For example, it might be "statue1", "lladrocal", or "statkhmer".
This is image type, and may be one of either raw for direct from the camera, cal for calibrated, or pyr for image pyramid.
Frame number
The index of this image in the sequence, starting from zero. The number is represented using 3 digits.
Capture angle
The angle at which the image was captured. Camera horizontal to the object is represented as 90, directly below the object is 0, and directly above the object is 180. Again, the number is stored using 3 digits. It should be noted that the current image server and viewer do not support full 3D, and as such do not work with sequences consisting of images with a capture angle that is not 90 degrees.
The extension each image in the sequence. ACOHIR image sequences are TIFF images, and as such should possess a .tif extension.
An example of such a name would be foo_raw_000_090.tif, or foo_pyr_016_090.tif.

When an image sequence is captured from the camera, two additional images are also produced. One is an image of the object including a Macbeth chart, and the second is the same image cropped to only include the chart. These images are named foo_raw_macbeth.tif and foo_raw_maccrop.tif respectively, where foo is the root name for the sequence.

As the image sequence progresses through the process of calibration of and conversion to TIFF tiled pyramids, the image type field is changed appropriately, with the other parts of the filename remaining the same. As an example, an image sequence of an object called foo, with 3 image pyramid frames, would be represented using the following image names: foo_pyr_000_090.tif, foo_pyr_001_090.tif, and foo_pyr_002_090.tif.