Artiste workpackages

1, Project Management: The workpackage comprises the project management and contains two tasks: 1.1 Project Management, and 1.2 Self assessment and Evaluation

2, User Requirements and Evaluation: The workpackage consists of tasks dealing with capturing of user requirements, validation criteria and evaluation of prototypes. It comprises five tasks: 2.1 Initial requirements capture, 2.2 First prototype evaluation and refined user requirements, 2.3 Second prototype evaluation. 2.4 Third prototype evaluation, and 2.5 Final system evaluation.

3, Data Capture: The workpackage deals with acquisition of digital data and images for use by the ARTISTE system. It contains only the capturing task, 3.1 Data Capture.

4, Image Analysis Algorithms: The workpackage deals with implementation of content and categorization algorithms. It has three tasks:  4.1 User requirements gathering, 4.2 Pigment Identification algorithms development, 4.3 Recognition algorithms development

5, ORDBMS Technology: The workpackage deals with establishment and configuration of the ORDBMS database technology, as well as education and support in its usage for integration of content-based retrieval functionality into the database. It comprises two tasks, 5.1 ORDBMS enabling and support, 5.2 ORDBMS requirements evaluation.

6,  Distributed Query and Metadata Layer: This workpackage develops the query layer and Metadata services enabling distributed search and linking. It comprises four tasks, 6.1 Distributed query layer, 6.2 Dynamic metadata, 6.3 Thesauri integration, and 6.4 Metadata impact on Standards..

7, Presentation Layer: The workpackage deals with the user interface of the system and its tasks are: 7.1 Distributed linking, 7.2 Content-based navigation, and 7.3 User interface development.

8, Systems Integration: This workpackage deals with the overall system integration and prototype development. It comprises six tasks, 8.1 Initial prototype development, 8.2 System design, 8.3 UDM modules, 8.4 Second Prototype development, 8.5 Third prototype Development, and 8.6 Final Prototype development.

9, Exploitation and Dissemination: This workpackage comprise a task for establishing of the ARTISTE Interest User Group (AIUG), the task for general dissemination activities (e.g. press releases, promotion and conference participation), and the exploitation task to do the groundwork for commercial exploitation of the results of the project. The tasks are 9.1 Dissemination, 9.2 ARTISTE Interest User Group, and 9.3 Exploitation of results.