Autonomous Sub-Glacial Probes

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To make new autonomous sub-glacial probes for glaciology research. This involves the design of small probes containing sensors and transponders which will be placed inside and under a glacier. They will be monitored over a year by a base station, which will collect the measurements, measure the probe positions and transmit that to a web server in the UK. This is a challenging project involving the dept. of Electronics and Computer Science as well as the Geography Department. This will be the first time such probes have been produced as previous systems were wired-in.


  • Low power sensor probe design
  • accurate position sensing of probes
  • power management and adaptive control
  • analysis of the results
  • Our site is Briksdalsbreen in Norway.

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was funded by the Paul Instrument Fund of the Royal Society - Glacsweb funded by the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

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