PhD Research Areas offered

Applications are welcome for PhD study with me in the following areas:

Sensor Networks, Sensor Web, Pervasive Sensing, Internet of Things

Hardware and software developments for sensor networks in real-world applications. This may build on technical issues revealed in past research such as Glacsweb or Mountainsensingand concentrate on low power smart sensor nodes, network algorithms, IoT-aspects etc. OR on any other "Smart" and autonomous behaviour algorithms for real sensor networks. Producing experimental systems which test cool ideas in the wild - is the overall theme.

Smart remote cameras for sensing is another possible area - low power, radio linked ARM-based cameras which process images of the environment and send data/readings out to the web rather than sets of images. Examples are ice movement, cloud-cover and vegetation development.

Web of Things, Sensor Web. "Smart" objects which are Web-connected and use the Web and are used by other Web systems.

Various hardware systems have been designed over the years and I am now concentrating on ARM-based systems, mostly using 6LowPAN networks. I have built a fully equipped electronics lab with all the facilities to build and develop complete systems.

Current IoT sensing research in Scotland provides an ongoing real-world lab for research in a variety of areas.

Integrating sensors into Pervasive/IoT Systems in general.

If you have a strong technical interest and background - we have various PhD grants available for interdisciplinary areas.

These are tentative outline areas for PhD research, specific projects will be tailored to applicant’s interests and abilities. Funding may be available, depending on the candidate’s qualifications.  Candidates need a strong computer science or electronics background. For more information contact me:

Prof. Kirk Martinez - km (at)
Web and Internet Science research group
Electronics and Computer Science
The University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK
tel: +44 (0)23 80594491  fax: 80592865

see our PhD application pages for how to apply.