Upgrading XML Support in IE

This implementation of the Zigzag® idea requires particular features of the Microsoft XML library that only appear in version 3. Until Internet Explorer 6, the standard version distributed with the system is version 2. If you have Internet Explorer version 6 or greater (see the Help/About Internet Explorer menu item) then you already have everything you need.

How To Upgrade

The upgrade is a two-stage process: first of all the version 3 library (MSXML3.DLL) has to be installed, and secondly the system has to be told that the version 3 library is the default XML library. If the second stage is not performed, only software that explicitly requests the new library will be able to use it. IE, in particular, will continue to use the old library.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Install MSXML3.DLL
  2. Make it the Default XML library

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