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Pawel Sobocinski

Office: Mountbatten 53/4043
Postal Address: ESS, Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ United Kingdom
Bibliometrics: Google Scholar, DBLP

I am on the faculty at the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. My research focusses on compositional modelling of systems, developing the underlying mathematics (usually category theory), and applying it to real-life problems such as verification. I work on graph transformation, Petri nets, process algebras, dynamical and cyberphysical systems, as well as mainstream concurrent programming. Since 2015, I write the Graphical Linear Algebra blog about rediscovering linear algebra with string diagrams.

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PhD students
2011-15Owen Stephens, Compositional Specification and Reachability Checking of Net Systems, ECS, University of Southampton, with Julian Rathke
2012-15Fabio Zanasi, Interacting Hopf Algebras: the Theory of Linear Systems, Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon, with Filippo Bonchi
2013-Apiwat Chantawibul, ECS, University of Southampton
2016-Josh Holland, ECS, University of Southampton, with Corina Cirstea and Filippo Bonchi
2016-Rachel Day, ECS, University of Southampton, with Julian Rathke
2016-Jens Seeber, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, with Filippo Bonchi
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