253 or Tube Theatre, a novel by Geoff Ryman

a novel for the Internet about London Underground
in seven cars and a crash

253 ? Why 253 ? describes the ground rules of the novel.

The Journey Planner provides links to the first four cars and individual passengers.

About this Site tells you a bit more about 253 and the author.

Select The End of the Line to read about the end of each carriage's voyage.

Another One along in a Minute describes the sequel you are invited to help write.

On each car section, advertisements appear. These are deeply serious and should be read with great attention.

Simply click on the option of your choice. Relax! It's so easy, travelling with 253.

In cyberspace, people become places.

This interactive novel is an OMNI Magazine Omnivision Winner.
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Read a useful review by journalist Wendy Grossman in the Web literary magazine Salon.

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253 ? Why 253 ?
About this Site
Journey Planner
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Car 2 passengers
Car 3 passengers
Car 4 passengers
Car 5 passengers
Car 6 passengers
Car 7 passengers
The End of the Line
Another One Along in a Minute

This site has been written, encoded and uploaded by Geoff Ryman. Send him an email message to Ryman.Worksltd@btinternet.com.