script-fu stuff from chris g.

These scripts are free: help yourself. Ideas & comments to

These scripts are for use with The Gimp.

See the bottom of the page for notes on installing scripts.

Scripts brought to you by
Thee Temple ov thee Lemur

Dracula [NEW: 1 Dec 1998]
Experience Logo [NEW: 12 May 1998]
Tilable Blur [NEW: 9th May 1998]
Spinning Globe [Update: 11th May 1998]
Render Map [Update: 11th May 1998]
Fuzzy Border
ASCII to Image
Old Photograph
Distress Selection
Irregular Slab
Coffee Stains
Camouflage [Update: 11th May]

Notes on Installation

Put the .scm files in /usr/local/share/gimp/scripts (place the gradient needed by coffee stains in /usr/local/share/gimp/gradients)

Lemur Scripts are known to work on Gimp 0.99.27, will probably work on some earlier versions but not as early as 99.9